Jupiter Grape Harvest

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Mon, 06/28/2021 - 14:20

Jupter grape harvestWe harvested grapes from the 2 year old Jupiter grape plant today.  The Jupiter grape has large, oval, seedless blue-purple berries on large clusters.  It is a delicious table grape.  The berries also have a pronounced flowery "Muscat-type" aromatic profile that carries through in wines made from it. 

We got about 20 pounds of these yummy grapes from one plant that is only in its second year!   Also, another crop is already forming on some of the plants, and I have seen before that they usually start another set of flowers in August for a smaller crop in October.  Looks like this will be quite a great grape in the greenhouse and I have started training some to grow along the greenhouse rafters. 

The ones I am trying outdoors are doing well but nowhere near ready for harvest yet.

Our notes on the Jupiter grape are available here.

Additional photos of the Jupiter grape are available here.

Gorgeous basket of Gold Nuggets

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Tue, 01/19/2021 - 17:35


gold nugget mandarin basketHarvested a gorgeous basket of Gold Nugget mandarins earlier today.  The Gold Nugget mandarin is a vigorous prolific mandarin with golden yellow seedless fruit that is easy to peel and great for eating straight from the tree.  The fruit is juicy and flavour is rich and sweet.  The skin on the fruit sometimes has a bumpy texture.

Our son Brandon loves these.  They have a beautiful scent when peeled and taste great!

Our notes on the Gold Nugget mandarin are available here:


Washington Navel Orange Harvest

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Tue, 01/12/2021 - 00:17


Washington navel orange harvestHarvested the yummy Washington navel oranges today.  A basket full of heavy juicy delicious oranges.

The Washington navel orange is a perfect orange for eating fresh from the tree. Large, delicious, sweet, seedless, and easy to peel fruit. Ripens in late November-December, but as can be seen they hold well on the tree for quite a long while until harvested.

The tree is very attractive with its dark green leaves and scented white flowers, and the fruit add an attractive bright orange colour in winter.

Our notes on the Washington navel orange are available here: https://aprici.com/b/node/562

Harvested the Amazing Kiyomi Tangor

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Wed, 12/23/2020 - 14:30

kiyomi tangorWe harvested the amazing Kiyomi Tangor today.  The Kiyomi Tangor is a delicious large sweet and tangy cross between a mandarin and a sweet orange. 

The little tree did not look too promising when we first got it, but it has grown beautifully after the first year.  It is now about 3 feet tall and extremely prolific as can be seen in the photo.  We had to use some bamboo stakes to help hold up the fruit!

Our little Kiyomi has an endearing weeping form.  The fruit is large, juicy, and has a unique flavour that is hard to describe.  However, we can say it is quite delicious.

Our notes on the Kiyomi Tangor are available at this link:


Vanilla Blood Orange Harvest

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Sat, 12/12/2020 - 13:04


vanilla blood orange harvestToday we harvested the Vanilla Blood orange (Vaniglia Sanguigno).  A nice basket-full of oranges from our little tree.  The tree itself is about 6' tall and only really just getting going producing fruit.  It appears it will be quite prolific.

The Vanilla Blood orange fruit are very sweet, with low acidity and just a hint of vanilla flavour.  The flesh has a nice pink-orange colour while the peel is yellow-orange.  Easy to peel and great for eating fresh. 

Very juicy with a distinctive taste in the juice.  Some people love the taste while others prefer a more tart flavour, which can be achieved by mixing the juice with a tart citrus such as limequats.

Use the following URL to see our notes on the Vanilla Blood Orange:


Yosemite Gold today

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 16:26

Yosemite Gold mandarin harvestToday we harvested the fruit from the wonderful Yosemite Gold mandarin.  This has to be one of my favourite mandarins so far, and we have 9 different kinds in our collection that I've tried, as well as countless others from the store.  Have not tried the Shasta Gold yet as we just got it last year and it has not borne fruit yet.

The Yosemite Gold has it all: sweet, juicy, large, easy to peel, fabulous complex taste and scent, prolific, seedless.  A real hit with everyone that tries the fruit.  As can be seen the fruit is a pretty dark orange colour.

The tree is about 4 feet tall so far.   The basket is about half the crop from this little tree this year.

Our notes on the Yosemite Gold mandarin are available here: https://aprici.com/b/node/548.


Trovita Harvest

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Fri, 11/27/2020 - 15:43

Trovita navel orangeToday we harvested the lovely Trovita navel orange.  Our little tree is about 4 feet tall, and it produced about a bucket and a half of very nice sweet juicy oranges, great for eating fresh or making orange juice.

The Trovita orange is very similar to the Washington navel orange, but slightly smaller fruit, earlier to mature, and more cold tolerant.  As can be seen, a prolific producer even on a small tree.

Our notes on the Trovita is available at this URL: https://aprici.com/b/node/561

Akcay Sekeri Harvest

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Wed, 11/18/2020 - 19:07

Akcay SekeriWe harvested the Akcay Sekeri fruit today.  Quite a nice harvest from such a small plant!  The Akcay Sekeri is also known as the crescent sweet orange.  Originally from Turkey.  High sugar content.  Sekeri is the Turkish word for sugar.  Sweet and delicious, great for eating fresh or making juice.

Fruit is medium sized and elongated.  Very juicy and with a sweet complex taste.  Distinct and sweeter than navel oranges.  Leaves are generally large and glossy dark green.  White flowers.  Lovely little tree.

Our notes on the Akcay Sekeri are available here: https://aprici.com/b/node/720

Jupiter Grape, second crop!

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Sat, 10/10/2020 - 11:40

Jupiter grapeOur little experiment with Jupiter grapes is proving quite successful.  It has produced a second crop this year of big bunches of delicious sweet blue-purple seedless grapes!

The Jupiter grape has large, oval, seedless blue-purple berries on large clusters.  It is a delicious table grape that can be eaten fresh, frozen, and made into juice and wine.  The berries also have a pronounced flowery "Muscat-type" aromatic profile that carries through in wines made from it.

The vines can be trained to an upright growth habit.  It has moderate to strong resistance to many fungal diseases.  As we have seen it can produce two crops per year under the right conditions.  The photo on the right is from a bunch harvested today as part of the second crop.

Our page on the Jupiter grape can be seen here.

Citrus combos

Submitted by will.ballantyne on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 18:21

kumquat loversExperimenting and having wonderful success with multiple scion grafts onto one rootstock (a citrus cocktail plant) I am curious as to opinions on the best citrus cocktail plants to make next. A few ideas I have come up with include:

  • The kumquat cocktail: Centennial, Marumi, and Meiwa kumquats as shown in the attached photo.
  • The Sprite: Lisbon lemon, persian lime combo.
  • The Lime Lovers: Persian lime, giant key lime, palestine sweet lime combo.
  • The Lemon Lovers: Lisbon, Ponderosa, and New Zealand Lemonade combo.
  • The Blood Orange Lovers: Moro, Tarocco, and Vanilla blood orange combo.